The Prospectus

The Prospectus provides a map of your answer to the assignment. It lays out your main points by providing your response to the problems and questions noted in the Purpose & Problem Statement. Note that it often uses material from the TEQ Sheets.

In many ways, the Prospectus is the abstract for your paper. Of course, the paper isn't written yet, so the Prospectus is tentative. It almost certainly will change, but it gives you an anchor for developing your claim. Think of the Prospectus as a larger form of an introduction. Remember to include both your claim and information about the kinds of evidence that will make the claim credible.

Note that you will want to clarify both the existing map of the topic and the additions, corrections, clarifications, and deletions you make to what is already known. I suggest that you use a bold font to identify the  portion of the prospectus that presents your own addition to the map.

For a sample Prospectus, click HERE .


TIP: you can copy and paste the prospectus into your rough draft.  It becomes a useful introduction to what the paper will develop.  See the overview of the entire writing process available at